The Woodlyn Schwartz Accountability Guarantee™

Woodlyn Schwartz Accountability Guarantee™

At Woodlyn Schwartz, we believe every client deserves accountability. If for any reason you’re not happy with one of our participating insurance advisory services listed below, the Woodlyn Schwartz Accountability Guarantee means we’ll refund your program fee from the previous quarter and work with you to make things right. You won’t find that kind of accountability everywhere—but you will find it here.

Discover our participating insurance advisory services.


    Woodlyn Schwartz insurance experts developed a program to help multifamily companies around the world obtain the right services and support to improve the quality of life for residents as well as increasing value for owners.  Discover More >


    Woodlyn Schwartz REIT Masters℠ enables real estate investments trusts (REIT) to focus on finding, developing, and managing the very best properties while leaving the risk and insurance agendas to a prestigious end-to-end platform as well as increase value for shareholders.  Discover More >


    WS Real Estate DNA℠ enables your business to operate in ways never before possible. This prestigious program opens the door to innovative services that add power to your real estate properties, with a firm commitment to improving the quality of life for residents as well as increasing value for your company.  Discover More >


    Resident XOXO℠ is designed to provide a simplified process that streamlines insurance services, support and provides your residents with assistance during times that matters the most.  Discover More >


    Woodlyn Schwartz is dedicated to the design, development, and support of insurance-related products and services for every real estate market, including multifamily, affordable, student, senior and military housing as well as office, industrial, and retail market segments. Discover More >

  • We are an organization forged by change, defined by deep specialization, and united by a uniquely collaborative culture.

*Woodlyn Schwartz Accountability Guarantee:
The guarantee applies to the following insurance advisory services ("Participating Services") and associated program fees: (i) Multifamily Masters ("MM"); (ii) REIT Masters ("RM"); (iii) Real Estate DNA℠ ("RED"); and (iv) Resident XOXO℠ ("RXOXO") and for accounts that are managed by insurance advisors affiliated with Woodlyn Schwartz., LLC. ("Woodlyn Schwartz")

The guarantee does not apply to (i) accounts managed by insurance advisors that are not affiliated with Woodlyn Schwartz; (ii) accounts managed by Woodlyn Schwartz-affiliated advisors outside of the MM, RM, RED, and RXOXO programs; or (iii) any other product or service made available by Woodlyn Schwartz or its affiliates. MM, RM, RED and RXOXO are flat fee programs sponsored by Woodlyn Schwartz (iv) or insurance premiums. 

If at any time or for any reason you are not completely satisfied with a Participating Service, at your request Woodlyn Schwartz will refund the associated program fee for the previous calendar quarter applicable to the Participating Service. The program fee is a percentage of the eligible assets in your Participating Service account(s). You will receive a credit to your Participating Service account(s) within approximately eight weeks of your request. No other fees, commissions, charges, expenses, or market losses will be refunded. If Woodlyn Schwartz is unable to address your concerns after consulting with you and refunding your program fee, Woodlyn Schwartz will work with you to help meet your risk management goals. Woodlyn Schwartz reserves the right to change this guarantee in the future after providing notice. For additional information regarding associated program fees, please see the disclosure brochure for the Participating Service, available at the time you enroll or upon your request. 
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