Claims Management is attuned to the unique needs of complex claims

We’ve worked hard to build a reputation for delivering superior service to our clients, especially when it comes to handling their claims.

Managing the brand is much broader than static guidelines and brand books.

Everyone owns the brand. Each department and function needs the tools and training to enable them to play a key role in managing the brand.

To build the brand, the whole organization needs a shared set of metrics and goals.

Our Brand Management and Activation offerings include

  • Brand governance
  • Brand decision tools
  • Measurement and tracking
  • Activation playbooks and toolkits
  • Guidelines and brand centers
  • Brand training
  • Agency coordination

Claims Management is a instrumental tool to ensure every claim and renewal outcome is the result of constant communication.

Managing claims is both an art and a science. At Woodlyn Schwartz, we believe our claims handling is one of the things that differentiates us from others — and we strive to bring forth the best possible claims-servicing solutions.

Working as one global team with our market relationships, enables us to help effectively and efficiently resolve even the most complex and potentially disputatious claims.

Features and Benefits
Claims - Servicing Solutions

A comprehensive suite of tailored services that help regain the trust of your community and your residents, while preserving the image, reputation, and profitability of your organization during catastrophe events.

24/7 Claim Reporting

In the event an incident does occur, we quickly analyze coverage and work as an advocate for our clients in the claims process. Beyond that, our in-house adjusters know how to maneuver through the complicated process to achieve the best outcomes.


ClaimGoggles enables real estate owners, managers, and developers to instantaneously allocate resources to claim locations, improve workflows, and manage risk across their entire portfolio.

True Advocacy

Experienced staff that can handle everything - from emergency response to public/media relations to a thorough presentment of your claim. We ensure your response to any crisis is handled in a way that will minimize your distractions and minimize risks.

Our Approach goes way beyond the insurance process, to true advocacy.

               Claims Management

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