Insurance Checkup discovers coverage you really need.

We help to improve, redesign, and deliver real estate insurance services that are tailored to help you reduce insurance costs.

A brand is shaped, built and owned by everyone — both inside and outside of the company.

Your brand needs a simple, authentic and emotional story — a narrative that describes why you exist and the bigger goals you aim to achieve.

This story should do more than guide your messages and communications; it should inspire your customers to promote it and galvanize your employees to live it.

Our Brand Strategy offerings include

  • Segmentation and customer analytics
  • Opportunity space assessment
  • Brand equity analysis and valuation
  • Brand portfolio strategy
  • Value proposition
  • Brand positioning
  • Brand essence and story

Insurance checkup is a clear analysis of what your real estate insurance must-do's are — and getting them done easily, so you can go back to more interesting things.

Your insurance checkup provides a simple, authentic and powerful plan — a process that begins to lay the groundwork and ideally help you see how your savings and insurance coverage compares in the marketplace.

This service can strategically link the right people, the right information, and deliver real value in a way you're familiar with.

Features and Benefits

For enhanced buying power, iplacements next generation tool offers a simplified process to your make insurance placement, policy review/retrieval, and certificate requests easy and stress free.

Insurance Design Strategies

Insurance design strategies can help you save costs, access broader coverage terms and conditions, and benefit from a streamlined service platform. Together, these can yield a competitive advantage for your organization.

Insurance Review and Comparision

Provides a review of your current insurance coverage or new proposals and develops a thorough comparison to provide clients with a professional analysis of the insurance options available.

Real Estate Magis

Handles the administrative responsibilities for all insurance-service related activities, which adds significant value if your portfolio requires direct involvement with real estate owners, property managers, and vendors.

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