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When you put our Real Estate DNA Program℠ at the center of your business strategy, a new era of possibilities begin. One where residents and property managers are empowered with services they love, where productivity is effortless and innovation happens in the moment.

WS Real Estate DNA℠ enable your business to operate in ways never before possible. 

This prestigious program opens the door to innovative services that add power to your real estate properties, with a firm commitment to improving the quality of life for residents as well as increasing value for your company.


WS Real Estate DNA Program℠  allows you to focus on 
finding, developing, and managing the very best properties and leaving the risk management and insurance for these properties to us. 


  • Admitted in most states
  • Designed for real estate and REIT companies alike
  • Designed to reduce losses and potentially lower premiums
  • Access to the broadest coverage in the marketplace
  • Free access to the Resident 365® portal, a web-based resource containing information and technical resources to help your residents manage their insurance policy, claims, and more.

A relationship on your terms.
Work with us the way you want. Some believe you must choose between an insurance broker or a risk management firm. At Woodlyn Schwartz, you don't need to compromise. Whether you handle risk on your own, with an advisor, or a little bit of both --- we can support you.

Insurance Design

A wide selection of insurance services to help protect a diversified real estate portfolio.


Powerful outsourced risk management operations, resources, and support.

Organizational Engagement

A combination of collaborations from experts to identify strategies for improvements and working together to implement them.

Claims Management

A wide range of claim strategies to ensure every claim and renewal outcome is the result of constant communication.

Insurance Advisory Services

A personal relationship with a dedicated insurance consultant to help reach your own specific goals.

Multifamily Masters℠

A revolutionary, full-serviced insurance advisory platform.

Offered by Woodlyn Schwartz LLC

Advice for you.

Together, we’ll create a plan based on you and your unique goals. From managed portfolios and specialized strategies to private client services, you’ll get actionable advice and a clear explanation of the rationale.


Our guarantee if you’re not satisfied.

The Woodlyn Schwartz Accountability Guarantee™

We call it the Woodlyn Schwartz Accountability Guarantee™. If for any reason you're not satisfied with one of our participating products or services, we'll refund the fees for the prior quarter. And we’ll learn why you weren’t happy and work with you to make things right.


Announcing our new Global REIT program

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If you have time for a cup of coffee, you have time to amalgamate Real Estate DNA into your business strategy.

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