Think REIT Masters

When you put REIT Masters℠ at the center of your business strategy, a new era of possibilities begin. An era where a platform has the financial strength and geographical scope to quickly respond to the real estate insurance challenges of large organizations.

With a firm commitment to providing value to your company, Woodlyn Schwartz created the REIT Masters℠ platform to offer a singe point of accountability that understands real estate investment trust operations.

This platform opens the door to services that add power to your real estate buildings — while serving as your advocate to ensure that each request is completed with unsurpassed quality and timeliness.

Discover Possibilities

REIT Masters℠ enables your business to operate in ways never before possible. One where owners and managers are empowered with services they love, where productivity is effortless and innovation happens in the moment. 


  • All insurance related services are handled by one program
  • Designed for real estate and REIT companies alike
  • Designed to reduce losses and potentially lower premiums
  • Access to the broadest coverage in the marketplace
  • Flexibility to "swap vendors" deploying the appropriate team for each claim, to ensure each request is completed with unsurpassed quality and timeliness.

Our REIT insurance partners are active in the following organizations: NAREIT, NAIOP, BOMA, and ULI.

A relationship on your terms. Work with us the way you want. Some believe you must choose between an insurance broker or a risk management firm. At Woodlyn Schwartz, you don't need to compromise. Whether you handle risk on your own, with an advisor, or a little bit of both --- we can support you.

Insurance Checkup℠

A clear analysis of what your real estate insurance must-do's are — and getting them done easily, so you can go back to more interesting things.


Powerful outsourced risk management operations, resources, and support.

vendor genius

A combination of collaborations from experts to identify strategies for improvements and working together to implement them.

Claims Management

A wide range of services to ensure every claim and renewal outcome is the result of constant communication.

Insurance Advisory Services

A network of advisors dedicated exclusively to handle the administrative responsibilities for today's real estate organizations.

real estate dna℠

A revolutionary, full-serviced insurance advisory platform.

Offered by Woodlyn Schwartz LLC

Insurance Checkup℠

Next generation insurance tool that develops
a thorough analysis & comparison of the best insurance options available in the marketplace.


Instantaneously allocate resources 
to claim locations with communication 
in a way REITs are familiar with.

REIT Magis

Handles the administrative responsibilities for all insurance-service related activities, and can add significant value if your portfolio require direct involvement with assets, property managers, and lenders.

Risk Management Strategies

A real estate industry blueprint for 
lowering cost and handling complex
business risk in today's markets.

Tailored for you.

Together, we’ll create a plan based on you and your unique goals. From managed portfolios and specialized strategies to private client services, you’ll get actionable advice and a clear explanation of the rationale.


Our guarantee if you’re not satisfied.

The Woodlyn Schwartz Accountability Guarantee™

We call it the Woodlyn Schwartz Accountability Guarantee™. If for any reason you're not satisfied with one of our participating products or services, we'll refund the fees for the prior quarter. And we’ll learn why you weren’t happy and work with you to make things right.

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