Think Resident XOXO

When you put our Resident XOXO℠ program at the center of your business strategy, a new era of possibilities begin. One where residents and property managers are empowered with services they love, where productivity is effortless and innovation happens in the moment.

Woodlyn Schwartz Resident XOXO℠ enable your business to operate in ways never before possible. 

This prestigious program opens the door to innovative services that handle risk for your residents, with a firm commitment to reducing resident caused losses, as well as increasing value for your real estate organization.

Discover Possibilities

Resident XOXO℠  makes it easy for your residents to get the convenience of having simplified insurance services, support, and assistance during times that matters the most. 


  • Enhanced company image
  • Affordable renters insurance
  • Increased resident retention
  • Resident claim loss protection
  • DocuHome® easy-to-use apartment inventory tagging tool.

*Resident XOXO℠ is an complimentary service when enrolled in: Multifamily Masters, REIT Masters, or Real Estate DNA.

A Way to Attract and Retain Residents.
It’s not all about location and high-end amenities. As an apartment executive, one of your primary concerns is maintaining high occupancy at your properties. But how can you best win the loyalty of current and prospective residents? In a nutshell: By showing residents that their concerns are your concerns --- It really can be that simple.

Enhanced company image

A wide selection of services to build relationships with residents and show that their concerns are your concerns.


Affordable renters insurance that is underwritten by "A" rated U.S. insurers.

Increased resident Retention

A powerful subliminal message to potential and current residents alike that you will take care of them during times that matters the most.

Resident Claim Loss Protection

A combination of services to help residents with questions about renters insurance, claim processes, and other insurance related topics.

reduce expenses and hassle

Eliminates use of onsite
staff to distribute claim information and reduces costs during emergencies such as fires, thefts, and more.


A resident home inventory tagging tool, which delivers an invaluable resource for storing important documents, and protecting your residents personal property.

Renters Insurance

Renters insurance makes it easy to get all your insurance done with simple online tools and expert help.

Insurance Checkup℠

Insurance Checkup develops an
analysis of the best renters insurance
options available in the marketplace.

Resident Magis℠

Provides simplified processes to streamline
all resident insurance-service related activities while increasing resident retention, as well as enhancing your company's image.


DocuHome is the most comprehensive, easy-to-use home inventory product on the market today. Patent-pending photo tagging makes creating a home inventory FAST, EASY, and VISUAL.

Tailored for you.

Together, we’ll create a plan based on you and your unique goals. From managed portfolios and specialized strategies to private client services, you’ll get actionable advice and a clear explanation of the rationale.


Our guarantee if you’re not satisfied.

The Woodlyn Schwartz Accountability Guarantee™

We call it the Woodlyn Schwartz Accountability Guarantee™. If for any reason you're not satisfied with one of our participating products or services, we'll refund the fees for the prior quarter. And we’ll learn why you weren’t happy and work with you to make things right.

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