Risk Management is a critical piece of a larger puzzle for insurance.

Our Risk Management Model has been recognized as an industry blueprint for handling complex real estate risks in today's market..

A name is something a brand wears for a very long time.It is acritical piece of a larger puzzle when building a brand.

Name development is both an art and a science. It should convey both a brand's positioning and personality.

In an increasingly global world, linguistic and cultural appropriateness matter more than ever.

A successful name change requires complete commitment within an organization.

Risk Management has proven to be a great tool for real estate businesses, by providing continuous strategies and services on a daily basis, ideally lowering insurance costs.

In a changing world, preparedness matters more than ever. We analyze thousands of "what-if" scenarios, to discover what can go right, what can go wrong, and what we can do about it.

Our risk management model outlines suggestions for improvements and specific coverage recommendations. This service, valued at up to $75,000, is offered at no cost. It's our investment in understanding your business.

Features and Benefits
Dedicated Risk Management Team

Our Risk Management team can handle everything - from emergency response to public/media relations to a thorough presentment of your claim. We ensure your response to any crisis is handled in a way that will minimize your distractions and maximize productivity.

Strategic Marketing & Relationships

At Woodlyn Schwartz, we have access to virtually every top-rated carrier in the industry and we'll use those relationships to benefit your business. It's always our goal to get our clients the most comprehensive coverage available at the most competitive price.


This streamlined risk management platform enables real estate owners, managers, and developers to instantaneously allocate resources to claim locations, improve workflows, and manage risk across their entire portfolio.

Single Point of Contact Nationwide

Our Risk Management program offers a single point of accountability who thoroughly understands each client’s operations and long-term objectives, as well as recommend proactive steps that clients can use to reduce losses and potentially lower premiums.

Unraveling Risk before problems arise exceeds the standards our clients demand.


               Risk Management

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