Vendor Genius unite businesses and drive positive outcomes.

Vendor Genius deploys specialized resources on your behalf to build a synergy between us, you, and top vendors in today's real estate market..

Brand strategy and design are inextricably bound as one.

Our role is to interpret this truth — the story, the personality, the voice — into its powerful creative manifestation.

A brand needs to be a living, breathing, dynamic entity that expresses itself in unique and engaging ways — not the static outcome of a manual.

Our Design and Expression offerings include

  • Naming
  • Brand architecture
  • Logo and design systems
  • Sensory
  • Voice
  • Messaging
  • Marketing planning strategy
  • Digital and interactive design

Real Estate organizations embrace collaboration and deep understanding of managing risk – and create a culture that engages their people in highly retentive, sustained, and creative ways.

Vendor Genius is a tool for building a synergy, having a combination of industry knowledge and expert perspectives from other industries on the complex challenges in the real estate market.

Unlike other industry programs, Woodlyn Schwartz does not approach it's process as a platform to criticize internal operations. We see it as an opportunity to work with our clients as partners - identifying strategies for improvement and working together to implement them. 

Features and Benefits
Service Provider Management

The Service Provider Management service is designed to ensure our clients get the best bids and terms from their outsourced emergency vendors, coupled with discounts and networks to reduce cost.

Insurance Advisory Services

Our real estate insurance partners are trained to deal with every aspect of your insurance programs. This unique service approach implemented by us ensures your business will have comprehensive protection and the most cost effective outcome with the fewest administrative headaches.

Organizational Engagement Team

CPAs, engineers, lawyers, adjusters, and risk managers are all members of the Organizational Engagement Team, applying their diverse backgrounds and skill sets for the good of your company.

Global Service Network

Designs and delivers seamless communication that shares many of the best practices of each real estate insurance partner, to ensure that your company is on the leading edge of innovation. Also, enables our clients to have both the clout and access to resources on a national and global scale.

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